How can I be sure that the mover I select is professional, honest and will care for my belongings?
The most important step in choosing a mover is to ask the right questions and listen carefully to the answers. Just about everyone knows of someone with a moving day horror story. Try to get references – ask if they are enlisted in, service tax department, you should know being a customer you have the right to ask for the original certificates for the same.

When should I call a moving company?
The earlier, the better. Although short notice moves can usually by managed, its wise to give your moving company from three to four days notice, if possible. The more lead time you can give, the more likely we will be able to meet your preferred delivery schedule. You should discuss your specific pickup and delivery requirements with our sales personal.

Do I need an estimate?
A pre-move estimate is needed to determine the cost of a move and the amount of van space your goods will occupy. The estimate can often be based on a telephone survey but keep in mind the accuracy of the estimate is based on the accuracy of the information provided. There is no charge for the estimate. On interstate shipments, the total charges are determined by the size of your shipment, the distance it travels, and the services that you authorize or which become necessary to handle your shipment. Charges for local shipments are generally calculated on factors such as number and time of manual labor required the distance, moving from to which floor and type of vehicle used to move and the degree of difficulty in getting the job done.

How long does it take to move?
This depends on many factors, such as the time of year, weather conditions, size of your shipment, time required to load and unload, and the direction and distance your shipment is traveling. Because the furnishings of the average household will not fill a van, it is often necessary for two or more shipments to be loaded on the same van. Each shipment is carefully sectioned off from the others. With the help of our state-of-the-art sales and logistics system, pickup and delivery dates are scheduled according to the origins and destinations of individual shipments on the van. In case, your material fits the size of regular truck or trucks it will take only the transit time for the destination.

Why do I need insurance if everything is packed professionally?
Items can get damaged due to unforeseen circumstances like accidents and other natural hazards in the moving process.

What is insurance coverage based on?
On the declared value of the goods.

Do you have storage available?
If you are unable to take immediate possession of your new residence, your belongings can be stored. However, you are responsible for the storage charges and final delivery charges from the warehouse. If your goods are placed in storage, there may be an additional charge for the valuation or insurance coverage provided for your shipment while in storage. Long-term storage services are also available. Please ask our sales associate for information regarding storage arrangements.

Will my furnishings remain clean?
Our storage facility is maintained by professional pest control experts. A periodical inspection is carried by our highly trained inspectors.

Are you a licensed moving company?
Reputed Packers and Movers are registered with Service Tax Department. So you must insist on their service tax registration number and if possible do visit to the packing & moving companies office once before you give them the order.

Am I renting the space month-to-month or am I on a lease?
Your contract is a month-to-month agreement with our Storage. You can move out whenever you want.

Can I pack my own fragile items and other personal effects?
Many people prefer to have some or all of their household possessions, especially fragile items, professionally packed by a moving company. However, if you decide to pack these items yourself, remember that the basic principles of good packing include wrapping the items individually, providing plenty of cushioning and making sure of a firm pack. Be sure to select a sturdy container with a lid. Place a two- or three-inch layer of crushed paper on the bottom of the carton as a cushion. Wrap each item individually with a soft material to provide a safe, protective, "padded nest." Pack the heaviest items on the bottom and the lighter ones next, filling in empty spaces with crushed paper. Place plates on edge and glassware on rims for maximum protection. Mark the carton "Fragile," and list the contents on the outside. Be sure to seal the carton with tape.

Can I pack my clothes in a chest or dresser drawers?
Contents of dresser drawers should be removed and packed separately. Likewise, the contents of file cabinets should also be emptied and packed. Failure to remove the contents of cabinets/chests may cause damage to the furniture or to the contents themselves.

Can I move jewelry and other valuables?
We strongly recommend that you carry irreplaceable and expensive articles with you, or make other arrangements for their transport. This includes money, jewelry, coin collections, stamp collections, etc.

Can I move my house plants?
We at Vijay Packers & Logistics do not accept responsibility for safely moving your plants, because they may suffer from a lack of water and light as well as probable temperature changes while in the van.

Can I move my pet?
We at Vijay Packers & Logistics do not recommend Pets to be carried on the moving van. Dogs, cats, canaries and parakeets can usually be transported in the family car. If this isn’t convenient, check with your veterinary or local kennel club for recommendations of alternate ways to ship your pets safely.

How do I know what can be transported and what not?
Inflammables such as Petrol, Gasoline, LPG gas cylinders, fireworks, ammunitions etc are not allowed to be transported without prior permission. It is also advisable to discard partly used cans of oil, ghee, paint, thinner or other substances that might leak. Carefully tape and place in individual waterproof bags any jars of liquids, oils, achaars you plan to take with you. Our move coordinator and supervisor will further guide you.

How can I move my car?
Car is transported by Car Containers which have hydraulic levers for loading and unloading and blocks for jamming the wheels. It can also be transported in our containerized vehicle along with your household goods, if so desired by you.

What are the documents required for movement of my vehicle?
Documents required for vehicles movement are photocopy of Vehicle Registration Certificate and Insurance, Original Emission / Pollution Certificate, Owner Self Declaration.